Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Movie Review - She's Out of My League

She's Out of My League - **

Starring:  Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Mike Vogel, TJ Miller

Review: I will start by saying I have a soft spot for the "lovable loser gets extraordinarily hot chick" genre.  Occasionally one comes along with some originality and breaks the mold.  This one had that potential, instead of just hinting at the fact that the girl was "out of his league" the movie goes ahead and puts it out there and uses it as a plot device.

This movie is about a lowly airport TSA employee that doesn't have much luck with women.  This is probably due to his three friends (who also work at the airport) that give him horrible advice, that he takes, even though none of them have any steady relationships.  This is of course, except for the one who is married who never gives advice and the advice is never taken even if it is given.

One day at work, our main character Kirk finds the cell phone of a gorgeous woman.  Once she finds out that he has it, she asks him to hold on to it and return it to her.  Upon returning to this ridiculously hot woman, Molly, she asks him out.

This is where the story gets predictable.  Kirk continues to lead his dorky lifestyle and yet, Molly endears herself more and more to him.  Hijniks ensue and their relationship takes shape.  The whole time we are left wondering why this is the case.  Molly is a great girl who is nice, successful and gorgeous.  Kirk is a great guy but is not that attractive or successful and is a big dork.  Now this is ideally the way it should work right?  Two nice people who like each other get together, but that isn't the way the world works and these characters know it.

Part of the charm of the movie is how the characters embrace the storyline and make the movie all about the superficial differences that separate people.  However, that's where any sort of philosophy ends with this movie.  The rest if filled with predictable gags and jokes.  The actress that plays Molly is very attractive but only a subpar actress.  The main character plays the lovable loser role but ham's it up just a wee bit too much.  Finally, the friends are all caricatures and it isn't really clear why they are all friends besides the fact that somebody thought it would make a funny movie.  The movie takes a familiar premise, puts a somewhat unique take on it and then stops there and goes back to formula.  The movie was entertaining with a few laughs but there are funnier movies you can see.  Ultimately, probably not worth your time.

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