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Oscar Results

2010 Oscars - How did my predictions fare?

Alright so here is my breakdown of the academy awards program.  Basically, I am just going to detail how well I did on the categories I predicted and I will throw in a few random thoughts every now and then.  (First random thought:  Where did Anna Kendrick come from?  She looks amazing and was not nearly that hot in Up in the Air).

-7:30 - Opening - Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are funny and I am a fan; however, their opening kind of dragged on a bit.  Glad it's over.

-7:52 Best Supporting Actor - Winner = Cristoph Waltz, Inglorious Basterds - Could not be more deserving, phenomenal performance.  Nights off to a good start I'm 1 for 1 at this point.

-8:12 Best Original Screenplay - Winner = The Hurt Locker - Not too surprising, but really?  I predicted Inglorious Basterds and still think it should have won, this category fell victim to The Hurt Locker hype, I am 1 for 2 now.

-8:25 - A really nice John Hughes montage.  He really did make a lot of good movies, but, does it make me a bad movie fan that I didn't know John Hughes died last year?  We all grew up on his movies and he shall be remembered fondly by all fans of coming of age movies.

-8:27 - Zoe Saldana is absolutely gorgeous, just thought I would share.

-8:38 - Ben Stiller looks hilarious in Avatar makeup, actually a pretty good job (on the makeup).

-A quick sidenote here, the production for the show this year is the best I have seen in years.  The set up is good, the clips are good, the format is good, the pace seems faster, definitely keeps you interested more than in the past.

-It's still kind of early and they are just giving out the "less important" technical awards.  I think it's funny how all the technical and less famous people sit in the back while the famous name actors sit up front.  I am real glad the Academy got Zac Efron got a good seat whereas the much more talented people that orchestrated the best score nominees or best cinematography, etc.  Just a funny thought.

-8:51 -Best adapted screenplay - Winner = Precious, I think everyone is contractually obligated to call it Precious "based on the novel Push by Sapphire."  I need to start doing this in my every day life, from now on call me Jeff Based on the combination of genes of Randy and Patty, that sounds better.  Called this one though I am 2 for 3 now.

-8:54 - Roger Corman received some sort of achievement award.  I read an article in Entertainment Weekly recently about Roger Corman, I had no idea he helped so many actors and directors in his time, but he apparently did a good job.  It would be interesting to read a book on him or see a movie.  He's like a legitimate, more talented Ed Wood.

-8:59 - Best Supporting Actress - Winner = Mo'Nique, Precious.  Mo'Nique proceeded to get up on stage and make a very stern speech with some large political undertones.  I am not sure I understand the reason for this...Anyway, I still called it - 3 for 4.

-9:06 - Avatar wins for best production design - the awards onslaught for Avatar begins, this is the first of many I imagine.  On a sidenote, the guy who accepted it said the Oscar "sees you" to James Cameron.  This is a quote from the movie about love and whatnot.  Is this guy for real?  Did he really just pull that out in the middle of an Oscar speech?  Get real.

-9:11 - The woman that just won the best costume design award just pissed me off,  she started out by saying "Well, I already have two of these."  Really?  Are you that awesome?  You have won an award 5% of the population cares about.  Pretend You're important somewhere and try to maintain a little humility.  Seriously, that was ridiculous.

-9:19 - Next we got treated to a horror movie montage, horror movies are hit or miss with me.  Some are good because they are good movies and not just horror movies like The Shining, Bug, Jaws, etc.  On that note, is Jaws even a "horror" movie?  I guess if you break it down it is, but I wouldn't classify as such.

-9:29 - Just saw the Inglorious Basterds montage for it's Best Picture nomination.  Seriously, this movie is just awesome, it better win Best Picture...

-9:38 - Always emotional to see the goodbye part.

-9:46 - Haha, yes!  They brought back interpretive dance for the nominations for the best score category. Did I just see the robot?  In the future there are only two dances, the robot and...the robo boogie.

-9:56 - Best special effects - Avatar - no surprise here, truly revolutionary movie, special effects-wise.

-10:04 - Whoa, whoa, whoa, the guy who just won for Best that the guy from Hackers?  I am about 97% sure it is.  Crazy.

-10:07 - Film Editing - The Hurt Locker, it's taking awards from Avatar, could this movie upset Avatar for best picture?

-10:17 - "A Prophet" didn't win best foreign film, that is surprising because I have heard it was one of the best films of the year period, let alone foreign films.  I actually want to see it and I am usually disinterested in foreign films.  We will see I suppose.

-10:32 - Jeff Bridges wins Best Actor for Crazy Heart - Yes!  Best choice that could have been made.  It is much better when the academy gets it right, I predicted this one as well, I am 4 for 5.

-10:47 - Man do I hate Sean Penn.

-10:48 -  Best Actress - Winner = Sanda Bullock, The Blind Side.  This will be like Julia Roberts victory for Erin Brockovich, seemed right at the time, but time will show differently.  Oh well, I called this one too, 5 for 6.

-10:55 - Kathryn Bigelow wins for Best Director, The Hurt Locker.  This is historic, the first woman to ever win Best Director.  Congrats to Kathryn Bigelow, she was not undeserving.  However, I wanted Tarantino to win.  Is it odd that Kathryn Bigelow is upwards of 50 years of age but I am pretty attracted to her with how strikingly beautiful she is...hmmm. Called this one too, I am now 6 for 7, on a roll at this point.

-10:58 - The Hurt Locker wins for Best Picture.  This is not surprising, but I didn't call this one.  I thought for sure with James Cameron attached and the boatloads of money Avatar made it would take home the trophy.  This pick is also suspect if you ask me.  I mean, I saw The Hurt Locker, and it was good, pretty intense, but but everyone made such a huge deal about it and I just don't see it.  Like I said, it was good, but I didn't come away from it blown away as I did from Inglorious Basterds, or even Avatar.  Ultimately, this doesn't anger me like the Academy has in the past (see: 1997, 1998, 2004), but I think a better decision could have been made.  I have said it since I saw it, Inglorious Basterds was the best movie of 2009, possibly one of the best of the decade and nothing will change my opinion.  However, congratulations are in order for The Hurt Locker, the little movie that could took down the behemoth that is Avatar, although I don't think The Hurt Locker will be as transcendent as Inglorious Basterds or Avatar.  This is like Spud Webb winning the dunk contest, it's cool for a novelty, but he's not the best dunker around.  The Hurt Locker came along and caught alot of people off guard with how well it was constructed, but ultimately, I don't think it was the best movie of the year.  I did not predict this, final tally for my predictions was 6 for 8.

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