Monday, June 28, 2010

Movie Review - Knight and Day

Knight and Day - **1/2

Directed by:  James Mangold

Starring:  Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth

Review:  This summer has been a horrid display of bad uninteresting movies that appeal to very few.  There have been many people that have complained and suggested that maybe this is the lowest Hollywood has ever been.  That may be so, but that is neither here nor there.  I bring this up because Knight and Day is a solid diversion in a summer that is otherwise devoid of anything interesting.

Knight and Day centers around a meeting of fate between two travelers played by Cruise and Diaz.  Or is actually fate?  Anyway, Cruise plays the mysterious Roy Miller and Diaz is the innocent June who is enamored with Roy's suave personality after a couple of "coincidental" run ins.  Eventually the two wind up on a plane full of highly trained assassin types that are after Miller for some reason not known to the audience.  Miller dispatches all the assassin types far too easily and they wind up alone on the plane with no pilots and having to land it themselves.  Eventually, Miller is able to land the plane and now the two find themselves on the run from bad people who want Miller or something he has for a reason we are not privy too.

Together Miller and June get themselves into many precarious situations and as easily get themselves out of them.  The fun in this movie isn't in it's originality or well done action.  Rather, the fun of this movie is the joy Cruise takes in his performance and the interaction/chemistry between Cruise and Diaz.  The two go back and forth and Cruise's suave demeanor carries them through multiple sticky situations.  Eventually, June begins to catch on and fires back on her own leading to some very good back and forth.  This makes for a very enjoyable first half of the movie.

Where the movie fails is from the halfway part to the end.  The movie starts to lose it's appeal as it falls into double crossing "who's playing who" normal spy stuff littered with usual action and causes the audience to lose interest.  This is unfortunate because the first half really had something going.

Maybe it is because the summer has been so atrocious for movies (if so they picked the right summer for this movie) but this movie I found to be quite enjoyable even despite it's faults.  The movie was a fun, standard summer movie fare and I would say it is worth your time.

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