Sunday, June 6, 2010

Movie Review - Shrek Forever After

Shrek Forever After - **

Starring (voices):  Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Jon Hamm

Review:  I have gone on record as saying this may be the worst summer for movies in the last 10 years.  Besides 'Toy Story 3' and 'Inception' there has been nothing that has held my interest and nothing that I am dying to see.  I was hoping this movie would surprise me and actually be good.  I was wrong.

After a lackluster 3rd movie I'm not even sure why they felt the need to make a fourth one.  The story wasn't unfinished and the arc of this movie wasn't necessary for the series.  They probably just figured they would make another movie and pump some more money from the franchise while they could.

I have little tolerance when movies in a series go back and "fill in the gaps" of one of the previous movies with a scenario that doesn't quite fit, just so they have material for an entire film.  That is how 'Shrek Forever After' plays out.  The story surrounds Rumplestilskin and how he was supposed to gain control over Far Far Away a long time ago.  Princess Fiona's parents were so intent on lifting her curse they were about to sign away their kingdom to Rumple when they had heard that Fiona had been rescued.  Rumple has been harboring ill feelings about this for many years and they have all been directed at Shrek.

One day, when Shrek is fed up with the routine of his current life he strikes a deal with Rumple to get "one more day" as a real ogre.  Only catch is you have to "give a day to get a day" and that means that one day from Shrek's past will have to be wiped out to make room for this day.  Only Rumple tricks Shrek and takes the day he was born, altering reality forever.  Shrek has till the end of his 24 hours to make things right and reverse the deal or Far Far Away will stay like this forever.

This movie wasn't quite failure, it was just unnecessary.  The actors didn't seem to be having as much fun with their roles as they did in the first two and seemed to be going through the motions for the final installment.  The movie just didn't work for me.  The storyline represented a decent premise and it tried really hard, and there were some funny parts, but it didn't feel like the same effort was put forth as was on the first two, which is what made this series so great to begin with.  All in all, I would say wait till video for this one.

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