Monday, July 12, 2010

To Queue or not to Queue - Following

Following (1999)

Editors Note:  Please not that although I am a user and supporter of Netflix I am not in any way employed by Netflix or contractually obligated in any way to endorse or advertise on behalf of Netflix.

Alright, so a friend of mine (Netflix user) recently asked me to start top ten list of the ten "must see" movies you can stream instantly off Netflix. The impetus being that when you are bored and have already watched the movies you have been dying to see but want to watch a movie and possibly something different, what's out there?  That's where I come in.  Someone as devoted as myself to watching movies I have come across a few movies that I feel would fit the bill for this request.

However, as opposed to doing a "top ten" list, I will do one better and make this an ongoing series where I post the movies that fit this description as they come up and as I watch them myself.  So here is my first entry in my "To Queue or not to Queue" series of movies you should watch via Netflix instant streaming.

Recommendation:  Following - 1999 - This was Christopher Nolan's first full feature length film made before Memento (even though the poster makes you think it came after).  The movie is very original and wound tightly.  I came across this by reading an interview with Nolan in which he mentions the style he filmed it in (similar to Memento) and hadn't heard of it.  I looked it up, the trailer looked amazing, so I gave it a go and was not disappointed (you can read the review here).

Be fore warned, this movie will require your full and undivided attention as did Memento.  This movie was even more so because as Memento was backwards it was still linearly backwards.  This movie jumps around different scenes in the same plot line and sometimes can get confusing, but if you stick with all will be well and it will be worth your time.

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  1. Thanks for starting this Jeff. I just watched this today. Since I feel it may be too soon after watching Inception yesterday to go back and watch it again, this was the satiate my appetite for Christopher Nolan. It was like a history lesson. You can really see how masterful he has become at plot layering from here to Inception. Definitely worth my time. Keep em coming Jeff