Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reels & Deals - 10/21/2010

Nolan's Next 'Batman' Movie Casting News

The charismatic funny guy from 'Inception' is being cast as a character in Christopher Nolan's new 'Batman' movie.  No word on whether or not he's a villain or what role he will play, but good money is that he is a villain.  If you ask me, he would make a good Riddler or Penguin.  Just a guess though.

Back to Pandora

James Cameron divulges a little bit about his next 2 (that's right 2) Avatar movies.


Just click the link, you will not be disappointed.

'Bourne' without Bourne?

Apparently in the fourth Bourne movie Matt Damon will not reprise his role as the ridiculously badass Jason Bourne.  Another good idea from Hollywood to take your star and the title character out of the franchise.  Word is Mission Impossible is next (although that's not as bad of an idea).

Sandra Bullock will star in Gravity...

The finally found someone to star in this movie that everyone says is great but nobody wants to do.  There is some other tidbits in there too.

Movies out this week:  Paranormal Activity 2

DVDs out this week: Predators, Psycho (1960-blu-ray), Seven Samurai (blu-ray), Agora

Last week's box office champ:  Jackass 3-D - $50.35M
My Prediction: Jackas 3-D - $18.2M

This week's box office champ:  Jackass 3-D - $22.1M

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