Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reels & Deals - 10/28/2010

The Name of the Next Batman Movie is...

Christopher Nolan reveals the name of the next Batman movie and a little tidbit about the villain.

'The Hobbit' Lives!!!!

The Hobbit will start filming as scheduled and it will take place in New Zealand.  Due to some wierd labor laws the actors guild tried to stop production or something like that, and the start date was in question.  However, all is right now in Middle-Earth and Peter Jackson will be the at the helm once again.  Does anybody else think he'll be our generations George Lucas?  Solid work related to an epic series but never really does anything else?

From the 'Completely Unnecessary' Department...

I really don't think this is in any way whatsoever necessary.

This Movie is Supposed to be a Big Best Picture Candidate

This has a good cast and is getting a lot of Oscar buzz.  Probably won't get a wide release until after the new year, but I am excited and plan to see it before awards season.

DVDs out this week: Back to the Future Trilogy (25th Anniversary blu-ray), The Girl Who Played With Fire, Alien Anthology, Winter's Bone

Movies out this week:  Saw 3-D

Last Week's Box Office Champ:  Paranormla Activity - $40.7M
My Prediction:  Jackass 3-D - $18.2M

This Week's Box Office Champ:  Saw 3-D - $28.4M

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