Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Queue or Not to Queue - The Machinest

Editors Note: Please not that although I am a user and supporter of Netflix I am not in any way employed by Netflix or contractually obligated in any way to endorse or advertise on behalf of Netflix.

The Machinest (2004)

Directed by:  Brad Anderson

Starring:  Christian Bale, Jennifer Jason Leigh

This movie didn’t quite catch with me.  Some people really like it, and it definitely is for some people, but unfortunately I fear that I am not one of them.  This movie got a lot of publicity around Christian Bale’s dedication to this role.  I can honestly say that I have never seen someone change their physical appearance as much for a film.  Bale is incredibly skinny, he dropped to around 110 pounds for the role and reportedly had to be stopped from losing more weight.  This is incredibly more impressive when you factor in how much 
he beefed up for his role as Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’ just a year later.

The movie revolves around a man who is battling insomnia.  He finds himself slowly slipping away from reality.  A life with no sleep has turned his entire reality into a dreamlike state in which he seems to be just a participant and really has no control over.  Things begin to happen and he starts to question whether events he sees are in reality or not.  The movie is something that we have all seen before where somebody has to determine if his reality is what is actually happening or not.  The big draw here is to see Bale’s dedication to his craft with a remarkable physical shift in his appearance.  Overall, I would put this in the ‘not to queue’ category, but it’s worth seeing Bale’s performance.

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