Saturday, November 7, 2009

Movie Review - Zombieland

Zombieland - ***

Starring:  Jessie Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrellson, Abigail Breslin

Review: So I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  After seeing the trailer I thought it was going to be another comedy zombie/horror movie, which I have never been too high on really.  However, this was nothing of the sort.

Jessie Eisenberg gives his second solid performance of the year (now let's see if he can be in a good movie that doesn't end in -land).  Woody Harrellson, who I have always liked since his 'White Man Can't Jump' days, gives a hilarious and at times heartfelt performance.  Abigail Breslin may grow up to be a pretty good actress and it is hard not to fall in love with Emma Stone.

The movie centers around four characters who are brought together to try and survive after the world is taken over by, you guessed it, flesh hungry zombies.  Many scenes of craziness ensue as this quartet tries to make it's way across the country.

During their trek the crew develops relationships and kill a few zombies along the way.  Ultimately, there is no greater truth to be exposed through this movie.  There is no real ending as when we leave the world is still filled with zombies.  However, this movie does leave us with a more positive outlook on their world.  These people can make it through a theme park worth of zombies and still come out on the other end better for the experience, I suppose that would have to be the end goal if this really did happen.

This movie was so enjoyable because of the characters and how much fun the movie was in general.  The characters don't sit around moping about the fate of the world or trying to find a "cure."  No, these people accept what happened and just look for the little things to get them by.  Perhaps a good life lesson, perhaps I am reading too much into it.  Either way, the movie was good, fun, and definitely worth your time.

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