Tuesday, November 10, 2009

State of the Franchise - Kansas City Chiefs

ALMOST...Chiefs come up short against the Jaguars 21-24

Alright, let's start with some of the good observations I had about the Chiefs this week. 

-First of all, what comes to mind is a certain wide receiver, but not the one you think.  Chris Chambers had a great first game (especially for only being with the team for two days), 3 receptions, 70 yds, 2 td, BUT I am most impressed with Lance Long.  This guy was a nobody scrub off the practice squad of another team and I am thoroughly impressed with where he is.  The man has great hands, he is a decisive runner and seems to be a smart football player.  Not much about him to not like, he had 8 catches for 74 yds, leading the team in both categories.  With some more practice with Cassel I look forward to seeing what he can do.

-That being said, I will say Chris Chambers may be worth something.  Now, I know he was released for a reason and has had problems with drops, but at least he has some speed to stretch the field.  This is something that is sorely needed on a team with about 132 possession receivers.

-Tyson Jackson (T-Jack, as he will now be referred to as) played well for the first time this season.  He got some pressure on the quarterback and I heard his name more than I have the entire season combined up to this point.  He had 7 tackles and some QB pressure.  If he develops and Dorsey continues how he is developing then our line may be worth something...eventually.

-I like our 3 headed monster at RB.  I will take Jamal Charles, Kolby Smith, and Dantrell Savage over LJ any day of the week.  Would I have done so 2004-2006?  Absolutely not, however, those days are gone and LJ had lost a step and just didn't seem to have the desire.  Plus he likes to make slurs in public and beat women, I will take our chances with our Cerberus structure we have now.

-Matt Cassel...sigh.  What is there to say really?  He continues to show flashes of impressing me but isn't really at the elite level and I am not entirely sold.  Now I know it is hard to compare given his situation, but I feel like Peyton Manning would still do better in this scneario.  But then again, Manning is Manning and that is fact.

-Our secondary is absolutely atrocious.  Being thought of as a strength coming into this season, the secondary is now our biggest glaring weakness.  Again, this is another scenario where it is hard to tell how good or bad the secondary is as we are getting very little pressure on the quarterback.  However, the poor play can be isolated to the safties (90% of it anyway) and the cornerbacks might be salvageable.

-Offensive line.  How in the world is our line really this bad?  How is this an NFL offensive line?  Could we really not find better guys than this?  Is it possible the coaching is the problem?  I don't know what else to say at this point.  Cassel has ZERO time in the pocket, running lanes are microscopic, and it seems none of them really care either way.

-The Chiefs just have too many problems to name.  The Jaguars are an average team at best and for the first 57 minutes the Chiefs shouldn't have even been on the same field.  Let's take a look at each game so far this season and examine how it has gone:
     -Baltimore Ravens - The Chiefs were in this game and easily could have won, however, the Ravens looked better in week 4 than they do now and the first game of the season is never a good judge.
     -Raiders - Oakland is as bad if not worse than we are and Chiefs should have won...but didn't.  This shows you how bad this team really is.
     -Eagles - Destroyed us.
     -Giants - Destroyed us.
     -Cowboys - We should have won this game and were leading nearly the entire way.  This is a good sign for hope because the Cowboys now look like legit contenders in the NFC
     -Redskins - We actually won!!!  This win doesn't look that good though cause the Redskins are wandering in the desert-type lost.  At least we won't go 0-16.
     -Chargers - Destroyed us.
     -Jaguars - Made it close late, but Jags dominated and they are an average team.  Signs of life at the end = good, prior 57 minutes = bad....I wanna cry

Final Thoughts:

So on NFL radio they were talking about successful organizations.  Looking at the Steelers, Colts, Ravens, Giants, etc. these are all organizations that have a clear identity about who they are and what they want.  Further, they have coaches who all have similar philosphies and the organizations find players that fit their mold for players they want in their system.  The Chiefs are trying to do this but are skipping the part about establishing their true identity.  Until this is done, not true success will the Chiefs obtain, we will tread the same water we have been treading since 1970.

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