Sunday, November 15, 2009

Most Quotable Movie of All Time - Round 1

A favorite past time of my friends and I (and legions of others) is quoting movies.  There were nights in college in which we would have entire conversations consisting solely of movie quotes.  Those conversations were swiftly followed by ones questioning why girls never came to our parties.  But that's neither here nor there...Anyway, after much thought here is what I have come up with about quoting movies.

As a general rule every movie contains a quote worthy of repeat at least once or twice.  Whether it's a comedy or a drama, there is usually a quote that will find it's way to acceptability somewhere in life.  All time dramatic movies such as the The Godfather are often quoted, either in a serious or comedic context.  "Leave the gun, take the connoles," "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," etc.  However, it seems the movies most often quoted are comedies.  So I have taken it upon myself to determine what the most quotable of all the comedies are and I will pit them against each other in a March Madness style tourney to duke it out and see who wins as the most quotable movie of all time.  All this, of course, will be decided by all my loyal readers.

Note:  The title of "Most Quotable" movie of all time will be based on a couple of factors.  First of all, you have the great quotes that are quoted often.  However, the movie must not only contain great quotes quoted often, but a large amount of quotes as well.  Going along with that, the quotes from the movie must have a high usability factor, quotes that can be applicable in many daily life-type situations.  To explain, The Godfather has some great quotes ("I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," "Leave the gun, take the connoles," etc.), but, the number of quotes from The Godfather is not as many as the ones on my list, and the quotes' usability are much more limited as well.  Keep these in mind when voting for the winner.

See the competitors after the jump.

So here is the list I have determined that will fight it out and their seeding for this tournament:

1) Wedding Crashers
2) Zoolander
3) Anchorman
4) 40 Year Old Virgin
5) Dumb and Dumber
6) Wayne's World
7) Borat:  Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit the Great Nation of Kazahkstan

Play-In Game:
8a) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
8b) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This event will require help from all my loyal readers.  I have done my part and put the players out there and the games will be decided by all of you.  So vote wisely, this is quite a title to bestow upon a movie.

The first matchup will be the play in game:  

8a) Monty Python and the Holy Grail vs. 8b) Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective

These are two movies that have more than their fare share of memorable, usable quotes, but for some reason or another they don't seem to quite get the play that others do.  Monty Python and the Holy Grail has always been a cult classic, but one viewing and you will realize there are more jokes in that movie referenced in pop culture and more quotes thrown out and you would ever realize.  Ace Ventura:  Pet Detective was the movie that started Jim Carey's career as the funny man (along with Dumb and Dumber) and get's a few quotes every now and then, but it seems this is one of those movies that when you watch it you always come away thinking "I forgot how funny this movie is."

These movies may not get quoted as much as the rest of the ones on the list, but you will be sure to realize your life would be sorely less funny (quote-wise) without these movies.  So who will it be, who will win the play-in game and join the other movies in the battle royale to find the most quotable movie of all time?  (VOTE IN THE POLL ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE)


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