Sunday, December 6, 2009

State of the Franchise (catch up) - Kansas City Chiefs

One Step forward, 8,347 Steps back - Chiefs drop two big ones in a row 43-14 to the Chargers, 44-13 to the Broncos, you guessed it, I wanna cry...

Well, there is not much to say after the last couple of weeks.  I try to search for bright spots but they are few and far between.  All the good will gained from the Steelers victory is lost at this point and Haley is on the verge of losing his team.  I am starting to doubt if Cassel has the skills to be the QB we need him to be or not.  I am starting to wonder if Haley can be a successful HC in this league. 

In my lifetime there have been some horrible teams in the NFL.  Franchises like the Lions and Raiders have found themselves mired in putridity and no sign of looking up.  I could always take solice in the fact that the Chiefs, at the very least, were competetive.  I always wondered, "I wonder what it would be like to be a fan of a team that seemingly had no hope, that lost year in and year out and was stuck in an endless cycle of losing."  Now I know.  The Chiefs are further back than we thought and are 3 years, AT LEAST, from being competitive, let alone competing for the playoffs or Super Bowl. 

The most recent loss to the Broncos showed me a few things.  The Broncos offense is based on a zone blocking scheme for their running the game.  They were able to run all over the field on us.  The way you beat a zone blocking run scheme is by being well coached and disciplined.  Judging by the ridiculous sized holes in the Chiefs D-line, they are neither of those things.  There is a scheme issue and a coaching issue here because if you look at the players on our defensive roster, they are not as bad as our defense is.  Pendergrast should be fired after this season and a LEGITIMATE DC needs to be brought it to teach this team how to be a good D. 

I don't know what else to say about these losses and it seems pointless to go over any positives or negatives cause it's the same old story.  I am not as optimistic about the future and I just want this season to be over.  At least there is hope in the offseason.  I wanna cry...

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